Important Points to Keep In Mind before Setting Up Bridge Mode In Linksys Router

Have you ever thought of combining two Wi-Fi networks? You can join them via Bridge Mode. In Bridge mode, two or more than two Access point commune to each other with their respective local networks. Both the access point then connects to an Ethernet LAN. While operating Bridge mode, Point to Multipoint Access points models at once carry wireless clients.

Alternatively, Other Access Point models can only work point to point. They can also decline during connecting into bridge mode. This all gets controlled by the network administrator. While Using Bridge mode, few access points maintain bridging with other access points, only with a similar producer/product brand. So, are you also interested in enabling Bridge mode in your Linksys router? Follow below mention steps enable bridge mode via a configuration through myrouter.local Before that make sure you want Bridge Mode due to any of the following reasons.

Reasons to setup Bridge Mode into your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router

  • When you share resources file & print sharing, connect two or more routers for this.
  • Or when your Internet service provider needs it.
  • You want to use your router as an added access point, on any accessible network.
  • While you face an issue of Network Address Translation (NAT). This happens at a time when your router or modem met with an IP conflict. At times, when your Linksys router faces a severe NAT setting, that decline Online gaming request.
  • On occasions of disabling the router process to a job with third-party machines.

Keep in mind, when you opt for Bridge Mode your router few features automatically get disabled. Following Features don’t work within Bridge Mode in your Linksys router.

  •    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server.
  •    Built-in firewall.
  •    NAT features.

You will need below mention prerequisite before you start Bridge Mode In your Linksys Router.

  • Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router.
  • 2 Network cables, one for connecting from your computer to any Ethernet port. Another one is for connecting the modem-router gateway, to the internet port of Linksys router.
  • A Working internet Connection to login via myrouter.local, linked to a modem-router gateway.

If you not setup your Linksys Router yet then, take assistance from our Team of Experts. Moving towards setting up Linksys router to Bridge Mode, keep a backup file to bring back the previous settings. It is important because of many times, configuration get fails. So, to avoid any type of risk, Experts suggests keeping a backup file of the configuration.

Go through the above-mentioned points, before you set up your Linksys router to Bridge Mode. If you have any query regarding the above mention steps, place a call to our Customer Care Toll-Free number. We recommend you to ask leftover steps, of bridge mode from our experts. If you have any question regarding myrouter.local then also, you can contact us. Feel free to contact our team on the toll-free number or live chat support window. Our team is ready to help you all the time. Do have any views or Feedback to share with us? Leave your valuable comments & feedback in the comment box. Our team will revert back to you, once they receive your messages.